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All too many times, it surprises customers when Cash for Cars, Hartford informs them that they sell more than just junk cars. CCH will also buy your running cars, and late model cars. That being said, they are truly in the business of taking old, inoperable clunkers off the hands of their customers. To be exact, CCH will buy:

Water damaged cars
Hail damaged cars
Burned cars
Wrecked cars
Just about any car, in any condition you can come up with

Because they have training in evaluating the price of all kinds of cars, they can readily analyze the vehicles they are asked to price. They also have dealt with many junk dealers, salvage yard operators, parts experts, and car repair companies, which gives them the background to size up any car. Many times one wrecked car can provide scrap metal, parts, and some salvage. The entire car is used up in ways that are far superior to adding more waste to our planet. Usually, just by asking the right questions, they can give you a price, based on their experience in pricing damaged cars. They will shoot straight with you, and help you understand what their buy-out offer is based on.

Since the recycling movement is so strong now, they also keep their eyes and ears open to stay on top of what the going rate is on recycling metal , so that can be a factor in the quote they give you. Just getting broken cars off the street and out of yards goes a long way to improving a city’s overall appearance. No doubt, if you have had your junk car for very long, you have gotten some nasty looks from neighbors and maybe even some negative feed-back from your city beautification officers. It’s time now to clean up, clear out, and beautify.

The staff at Cash for Cars, Hartford, is always ready to help you wherever you are on your junk car selling journey. Don’t wait. Give them a call today and don’t be shy. Tell them what you have (yes, this is time for full disclosure) and be thorough, since this is how they establish the quote they are going to give you. Right there and then, if you accept their offer, you can schedule the pick-up, and have cold, hard cash in your pocket before dinner time.

Call Cars for Cash Hartford, now! What have you got to lose?

What Our Clients Say

"I never thought I'm getting paid for my junk car. It's been in my garage for a long
time. This company is highly recommended for their fast and great service. Thanks
a lot!"

Alan M.