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Hartford is the capital of Connecticut, and is known as the “insurance capital of the world”. Hartford is both a growing and developing city steeped in the historic, as well. Hartford is also home to Cash for Cars, Hartford. This company is available to help the citizens of Hartford and those from surrounding areas, sell damaged automobiles.

Cash for Cars, Hartford keeps it very simple.
You have a car you want to sell. You call CCH, and describe your vehicle to the friendly sales associate. He or she gives you a quote. You ask any questions you may have. When you accept the offer, the associate schedules a driver and truck to come to your house to pick up the vehicle. (This usually happens within 24 hours of your initial call.) The driver picks up your car, free of charge. He gives you cash for the automobile, leaves with car in tow, and your junk car worries are over.

That’s pretty simple, right? That is correct. CCH is here for you to take away all the hassle, stress, and anxiety over what to do with that trashed car. They are not new to the junk car business, so they know a thing or two about what it takes to make their customers happy. They continue to merit high ratings from their customers because of their courteous staff, their knowledge of the industry, their fast and accurate work ethic, and their expertise. Sure, you might be able to sell the vehicle yourself. But first, you would need to be familiar with the scrap metal business and how to deal with the folks in this business. Then you would need to have knowledge of automobile trade-in procedures, and determine if your car would even qualify for a trade-in. Understanding the auto salvage business might take a stretch of time, and you still have the problem of how to get your non-running vehicle to the salvage yard or the car dealership on your own. If you decided to take the recycling route, you would have to be knowledgeable of the recycling ordinances of your city, and you would have to figure out a way to get your salvage car to the recycling center.

You might decide to sell your car on Craigslist or in a classified ad in the local newspapers. You could very well get an offer, but you will need to make sure that the proposed buyer has a vehicle with capacity to move a car from your yard. The other downside of using advertisements to sell your clunker is that you might get plenty of bites on line (a deluge of callers wanting the vehicle), or you might have cobwebs on the old computer before you get any takers who are interested in your jalopy.

It becomes pretty obvious that if you own a less than perfect car, your options for selling it are few and far between. That’s where Cash for Cars, Hartford comes in. They have been towing, buying, and evaluating cars for years. Let the experts take this worry off your shoulders.

What kind of cars are we talking about?

We will buy pretty much any type of car. And if we can't buy your car we have contacts like Cash For Cars Del Mar that can purchase it from you. So rest assured our team can assist you no matter the situation.

What Our Clients Say

"I never thought I'm getting paid for my junk car. It's been in my garage for a long
time. This company is highly recommended for their fast and great service. Thanks
a lot!"

Alan M.